Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Big Smoke

Not a very nice start to the day - woken early by pouring rain on the roof, the day not looking very biker friendly. But I had two bikes needing warrants and one needing rego ($$$) so I got up early and Mark and I took the Connie & the Honda down to get checked out. Luckily both passed ok and I rode off with a lighter wallet but two legal bikes.

We stopped in to catch up with Meanie and I had my arm twisted on a ride down to Wellington to check out one of the bike ships in Lower Hutt. After parking the VTR in the shed and shooing Mark off I got suited up for wet weather just in time for Meanie, Monie & Cowboyz to arrive to pick me up.

In Shannon we met up with Al and headed off into some light showers, our next stop was Waikanae where we were joined by Ezirider on his SV and then onwards to Paraparam where Meanie topped up his tank. From here we headed up over Paekok Hill which is a great ride in good conditions, although today we had to take care on wet and greasy roads - still a fun ride. Then it was a little squirt over Haywoods and into the Hutt where we parked up and spent some time looking at bikes and accessories. It was good to catch up a guy (Dave) who used to work in a bike shop in town and now is a rep for Alpinestars. He had plenty of info on some of their latest road gear and was intersting to talk to.

Turning around we headed back over Haywoods and then popped in to have a coffe with Cowboyz' brother in Titahi Bay before once again tackling Paekok Hill as we headed home. This time around the roads were a lot dryer and the Hill road a lot fun - Cowboys will hopefully have some video of this up soon. A couple more quick stops for fuel and coffee and a quiet pootle home and that was the ride done. A great day out.

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