Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tag Hunting

Right, so this tag hunting thing is getting a bit serious. Yesterday afternoon I went out after one which I was only partially sure of and ended up missing it but ended up having a great little ride on some back roads anyway.

After failing to get that I got up early and was on the bike at 07:30 in search of one. I had only an inkling of where it was but went anyway and cruised all around the area where it was without finding it - doh! Never mind, back home for some breakfast...

Meanwhile, Flynn had worked out where he thought the tag was and wanted to grab it as part of the planned Sunday ride around Pohangina. Six of us met up at Ashhurst and after looking at the weather and feeling some of it on our faces we decided to cancel the Apiti Loop and head off after the tag. We made our way to Bulls via Colyton, Feilding and Halcombe and then headed for coast (Tangimoana) and where Flynn thought the tag was.

After a nice pootle in the countryside (some of it astride a Tigger) and plenty of looking we decided to head back into Bulls for some lunch before attacking the problem again. After lunch we popped into the Information Centre at Bulls and the lady there let us commandeer her computer and we discovered that the tag had been found and a new one posted.

Monamie immediately recognised the next tag as being in Fielding and so we were off out into the drizzle again. Tag photo nabbed we headed back to Palmy with just a quick stop at a secret location so that Monamie could get her new tag photo. BTW: the map below has been doctored so it will not help anyone get the tag...

Approx 250km ridden today in search of the elusive tags...great fun!

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