Sunday, August 23, 2009

Apiti-Ohingaiti Loop

Another very nice Sunday and another good ride planned by the Feilding Riders so all I had to do was turn up.

I gassed up at Ashhurst and pottered out to the Waterford Cafe to wait for the rest of the guys who were coming from Ashhurst, Palmy & Feilding. They arrived in a bunch not long after I had parked up and I managed to snap a couple of pics of them turning up.

From the Waterford we headed out Pohangina Valley East to our first stop in Apiti. Had a great ride through here and the road is in very good condition for this time of the year. From Apiti we continued on to Pemberton and this bit was fantastic - the roads are never straight for long and always a hoot.

From Pemberton we turned towards Ohingaiti - another nice bit of road but one which does deserve a bit of caution as there is quite often metal on some of the corners or stock out on the road. Unfortunately this proved to be the case today and one of the 3 Alistairs on the ride came to grief on his Bandit. I'm not really sure of what happened as we didn't find out until KiwiKat caught up to us at Ohingaiti. Apparently he is ok, walking around but with a few sore ribs so an ambulance was called to pick him up. Hopefully nothing serious at all - for him and his bike. Not good.

After a lunch break at the Ohingaiti pub Al took the Connie for a wee squirt to the Vinegar Hill turn-off so I was forced to ride the Tiger again - oh damn! A spirited ride over Vinegar Hill and then a pootle home ended another good ride. Back to work tomorrow...

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