Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another pad change...

At the Grand Challenge the Connie was scrutinised prior to the ride and the guy checking my front pads mentioned that they were getting down.  I already new this as I know that they last around 25,000km and the bike was sitting on about 74,000km - but I had checked before leaving home and they looked pretty good.

Actually when the guy had another look from a better angle he also agreed with me and the bike was passed as fit for it's 1,000 miles in 24 hours - phew!  But riding it on the weekend (for it to complete it's Best Bike duties) I was starting to get the odd squeak from the front end - time for those new pads eh?  So tonight was the night and here's a few pics of the job.

Pin removal
Spring removal
And finally pad removal - 7 to go!
It is actually a pretty easy job you just need to be gentle when pushing the brake pistons back, make sure that the pads are around the correct way (I know of one bike coming back from a bike shop with at least one pad in the wrong way) and everything is out back together properly...

With 8 pads to do it is a bit of a fiddly job and took me (a ham fisted, strictly amateur mechanic) around half an hour to do.  I then brought a light in closely and checked those pads were around the right way and called it job done!

Old vs New
Now we'll just have to go for a pootle this weekend and see if they work eh?


  1. What make did you fit Andrew? I always used SBS but the pre-eminent supplier of Blackbird parts in the UK persuaded me to use EBC HH and they were so much better in terms of stopping power, I've never used anything else since then.

  2. The new pads are EBC Double H. Not sure what the last lot were as the shop fitted them. Didn't feel marvelous when I first rode off on them but seem ok now after 400 odd km.

    One thing I noticed is that there is no wear indicator grooves in them - guess I'll just have a good look at them in around 25k...