Wednesday, November 02, 2011

GC Route and Timeline

I've just been playing with Google Maps and my GPS tracks to create a bit of a timeline for the Grand Challenge.  Most of the times have been taken off the GPS tracks except for Opotiki where I was missing some information but I know I arrived there at about 20:30 and have a fuel docket with 20:38 on it (I was interviewed on camera when I arrived and started to fill up).  Distances are from Google Maps except final GPS odometer reading.

13:00 Depart Turangi (Points A & G).
15:42 Fueling up in Wairoa, quick bite & drink.
17:38 Checkpoint 1, Tokomaru Bay (Point B), pit stop, drink, bite to eat, 461km.
20:30 Checkpoint 2, Opotiki (Point C), longer pit stop, fuel, interview, pie, drink, 696km.
23:28 Fueling up in Wairoa, gas and go.
00:55 Checkpoint 3, Havelock North (Point D), pit stop, drink, bite, no fuel, 1,065km.
02:08 Waipukarau, fuel only.
03:32 Checkpoint 4, Eketahuna (Point E), punch card and go, no fuel, 1,250km.
05:17 Taihape, fuel, quick drink and bite.
06:21 Checkpoint 5 (Fields Track, SH4 intersection), punch card and go, no fuel, 1,472km.
07:30 Arrive Turangi (Points A & G), 1,619km (GPS).

So, nine stops in all (and these are what kill ya times) but these had to be planned around fuel availability and of course the checkpoints were compulsory.  I could have made it from Opotiki to Napier/Hastings on a tank and so missed out the second fuel stop in Wairoa but that may have fouled things up for what would have been the next two fuel stops to get home - I made have needed to make a diversion to find stations that were open.

All in all I'm pretty happy with how the ride panned out and my 18.5 hour time - well within the allowable 24 hours!


  1. Fabulous Andrew!

    Any close calls? Did you run into any rain (or the law, hehe)?

  2. Pretty decent rain from Turangi to Taupo...

    Then only the very odd light shower. A lot of wet roads though - some quite slippery. PR3's went well.

    About to upload video of some East Cape locals causing the odd issue. No issues with the law although someone in a van took a photo of me on the Napier-Taupo...