Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Me and my shadow

Rachael from posted a pic of her and her bike's shadow and asked to see other bloggers do the same.  So here's a couple:

The first on the Apiti Loop with about 3-4,000km on the clock:

And this great one by Cowboyz on the Forgotten Highway with about 70,000km on the clock:

Sorry none of me behind the bars on the DL yet - to be continued...


  1. Cool - Thanks for playing along, Andrew!

    That tunnel on the Forgotten Highway looks pretty neat. And, your shadow is so small the sun must've been right over your head!

    So does the "yet" mean more are on the way? :)

  2. If someone takes one of me on the DL...bound to happen one day...

  3. I like the images too. But the tunnel is intriguing. :)