Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Blown around

Oops, nearly forgot to post my Saturday ride...

On Saturday I realised I hadn't ridden a bike since Monday and that was obviously not cricket at all so it was time to fire up the Vee and go looking for gravel again.  While I was fluffing around getting ready I decided that I wanted to revisit Pori Road which I had last ridden with the Back Road Riders in June as part of their Waewaepa Wanderings ride.  I remembered the great climb up the hill and some fantastic scenery which I didn't get a chance to photograph.

Excuse the poor map - Google Maps refuses to believe that Pori Road is not a dead end...and I didn't download my GPS track (doh!).

To get to Pori Road I first took to the Pahiatua Track and it was here I first hit some pretty serious wind.  The Vee is a fair bit lighter (and possibly a bit more top-heavy) than the Connie and I found myself getting blown around a fair bit.  But I managed to stay on the road to my first stop at Pahiatua for fuel.

Gassed up it was time to head for Route 52 via Mangaone and Pa Valley Roads.  These roads wind through great dairy country (mind those cow crossings) and you eventually pop out on Route 52 just North of Alfredton.  At Route 52 I turned left and rode about another 4-5km to the Pori Road turn-off.

The first bit of Pori Road takes you "up the hill" and you eventually end up winding your way around the side of the hills on a very narrow road with great views out to your left.

After a quick stop for some pics (more here) I carried on up the hill and ignoring the turn-off to Puketoi road which had proved so exciting last time (actually the road was closed so who knows how bad the mud is through there at the moment) and started riding the remainder of Pori Road that I didn't get to ride last time.

Eventually the road actually becomes sealed and takes you onto Pahiatua-Pongaroa Road - right for Pongaroa and left for Pahiatua.  I managed to stop myself from going right to take in some more great riding and turned left for Pahiatua and home - once again battling the high wind on the track.

Another nice little ride to sort out that itch I had...


  1. Looks like some fantastic off road riding with spectacular scenery.
    This is nearly enough to turn me to the dark side and buy a off roader.

  2. I have not done any off road riding, but the more I read the more I want to. Looks like you had a great ride.