Thursday, June 07, 2012


Well I lucked out today!  While getting tyres fitted to the DL I was given a Honda 600 Hornet to get around on.  This is the second Hornet I ridden and they are a sweet little bike.

600cc of fun!
What set this one apart from the previous one wasn't the colour (somehow they were both the same) but the rorty-snorty exhaust on it.

Yes, the exhaust manufacturer had the check to call it a silencer!  Actually it wasn't too loud but boy did it make a nice noise when you turned the wick up!  I could see how you might get to like a wailing little four...a very nice little bike.


  1. I've always liked the Hornets but Honda hasn't seen fit to sell the 600's here - at least not recently anyway. If you are lucky you can find a Hornet 919 on the used market but they can be hard to find and they don't sell them new anymore. Sigh.

    Rorty-snorty exhaust - bahahaha that is the same one I put on Max. I love the sound. And yeah, I don't know why they call it a silencer.

    1. You hooligan! I Max sounds quite different to the Hornet - probably similar to a smaller version of my DL!

      It's funny, I like the louder pipes on my DL (it being a V-twin and all) but really like the quiet cruisyness of the Connie with it's big bazooka (that's a Connie joke).

      My VTR was quite loud and caused "issues" with some car alarms...

  2. They're nice little pipes Andrew a friend has a set on his Predator. They do some slightly bigger ones underseat for the Street Triple too. I'd be tempted if the CEO approved :-)

    1. I thought that the boss was away Geoff..