Monday, June 04, 2012

Tag Hunting

Last night as I was listening to the rain and checking out Kiwi Biker I noticed that someone had finally nailed the last tag and posted up a familiar looking location as the new tag.  I decided that the tag would be mine come rain or shine.  Luckily this morning there was a fair bit more shine than rain and so I set off out the valley towards Pohangina.

Taking the DL meant that I could take a different route (although now quite familiar) than I think the original tagger took - his bike being a sports bike and so I ended up on Pohangina Valley West Road with the GoPro running in a new position.

The road was in good nick following the rain last night and the poor old Anakee (new rubber coming this week) managed to keep the bike heading in the right direction so I was soon at the tag site - Totara Reserve camp ground.

Then it was time to turn around and head back and I turned the camera around as well to try a different view for a change.  I actually quite like this view - it's neat seeing the suspension working and the Anakee making tracks in the gravel.

Without giving too much away (but probably giving a little away) I stopped somewhere along the way and took a snap for my new tag.
Somewhere in the Manawatu...
And because I hadn't finished mucking around with the camera, I moved it again and took some pics of the return into town (damn could be giving a bit more away now).  A beautiful winter's day don't you think?

After a quick stop in town for some bits and pieces I got home and game my baby some TLC.

This is gonna last about 5 minutes...
A great way to use up a public holiday and the start of a week off for me - woohoo!


  1. Andy
    Whats this tag hunting thing? I've not heard of it here.

    1. Someone posts up a picture of their bike at some sort of landmark and then the race is on for the first person to find it. The first to get it then gets to post up the next "tag".

      Best played on a forum so that it's easy to follow the game and there's somewhere to post the pics.

      Our local one is here:!

  2. Great videos. I like how we can see you shifting in the first, the suspension in the second and then in the third your whole shadow pops into view several times. Creative.

    We have the photo tag thing on our local motorcycle forums too. It seems there is always some tag going on. Right now they are doing State/County/City parks in order of the alphabet. I think someone needs to find a park with a name starting with 'I' now. Sometimes they move quick and sometime sit will sit on one for a while. I am sure your tags are the same.