Wednesday, June 06, 2012

PR3 Review

Well this is a little bit overdue - I've already got about 400km on my new PR2's...

First up, this is just my thoughts on this particular set of tyres on my Connie, ridden by me over a certain 10,300km.  There are a huge amount of variables in play here which may differ widely from another 10,300km on the same tyre or a different tyre.  Added to that is that you (well I sure don't) never get to compare two brand new sets of tyres at the same time - for me it's 6-10 months between new tyres.  I'm also not a tyre or suspension expert...

But anyway, here goes.  My first initial impressions of the PR3's was very good - they felt fabulous (new tyres after all) and very similar to PR2's.  I also had absolutely no issues with them in the wet - but I expected as much as the 2's are great in the and the 3's were supposed to be another giant leap forward for Michelin.

So no issues so far but what I did find was that as the tyres wore (probably from the mid-life point onwards)  they seemed to feel a bit "vague".  This was particularly noticeable on rough roads with slightly dodgy surfaces in then again in the cold and damp on the West Coast during the TT2000.  The Pirelli Angels I tried (not going there again) were very similar in this regard although they were a lot worse a lot sooner...

It's easy for me to say that they haven't lasted as long as PR2's but they did see a bit of action on the Grand Challenge and the TT2000.  Also, while the rear was pretty thin when it came off I reckon that the front still had a bit of life in it - the profile was obviously fairly gone though.  Overall I'm pretty happy with their performance and would use them again, although this time around PR2's were on special and there's nothing wrong with them...
Updated tyre stats:

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  1. I'd love to interject a witty comment about now, but I don't know enough about tires, other than what I read from others' experiences.

    I am starting to suspect that my bike is dodgy in corners due to tire wear. The Gladius has the stock tires on it with 4800 miles. Tires seem to wear quickly in Oregon due to some our road surfaces.