Sunday, June 17, 2012

A quick pootle

After a quite hard frost last night the day turned out to be a winter stunner - barely a cloud in the sky and the sun doing it's best to chase away the chill.  After a lazy morning at home I decided that I just had to get out on the Connie to enjoy the lovely day.

I decided on just a little ride but after a few km on the bike I was wishing that I'd left earlier and planned a longer ride - the conditions were just perfect and I was in love with my motorcycle.

After a quick fill up in Fielding (where a number of other riders were doing the same - obviously wanting to make the most of the great day too) I made my way across to Halcombe and the turned North on SH1.

One of my favourite corners on the Halcombe road
From here I carefully made my way up to Hunterville before turning off onto Vinegar Hill and if you watch my slideshow you might note that there was still frost around in the shady patches and the road was a little damp in places.

I still enjoyed the ride immensely and as I was just taking it easy I even stopped at the lookout for a few quick snaps.

After my brief stop I carried on back towards Feilding before deciding to divert to Ashhurst to catch up with Meanie & Monie.  This worked out good for me as not only did I get a coffee and a catch up but left with some nice snapper & cod from one of their fishing trips - looking forward to a cook up already!

So once again a perfect day and a great little ride!

More pics here.

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  1. hmmm stunning scenery wow factor

    that snapper and cod certainly sounds like it was well worth your time to make the stop and the coffee to go with

    all in all along with your scenery and luncheon I would say this was just p e r f e c t