Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home again

Well, actually we got back yesterday after a slow cruise up from Christchurch.

The TT was outstanding with perfect weather the whole time (you can't count the light drizzle on the West Coast - that ain't what coasters would call rain) and our route for TT was awesome.  We ended up doing about 2,110kms and hopefully banked 12,000 points (only 2,000km and 10,000 points required).

I'll be doing a proper right-up at some stage but until then you can see some of my pics here.

The magnificent Crown Range Road


  1. I took a sneak peek at the photos. Looks like an awesome trip. Glad the weather cooperated. I am looking forward to your ride report.

  2. Nice picture, looks like a great ride!

  3. Cant wait to read the report Andrew! The photos look fantastic.

  4. Back safe and sound ... with more photos than I thought would be possible on a ride such as the TT.
    Can't wait to hear more.