Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yesterday it was time to show the DL a bit of love - I know, you're not supposed to but just every now and again ok?

Love in this case was represented by a new air filter.  I guessed that she was probably still running her original one and figured with her favourite diet of dusty gravel roads being reasonably regular, it was probably time to spoil her.

First of all I had to take off some of her clothes (this how-to was helpful although I had done this before) and the air-box was soon uncovered.  The trickiest bit is the fuel fitting under the tank but it is the same type as on the Connie so I managed to work it out ok with a bit of muttering and holding my tongue just right.

Jeebus!  The dust gets in everywhere!
Popping the lid gave me the first look at the old air cleaner:

All sorts of wildlife seems to get sucked in
It doesn't look too bad eh?  Oh, well here it is against the new one:

Ok, we'll stick with the plan and put the new one in:

All that remained to do was to button everything up and put the clothes back on again.  She even fired up once the go-juice was reconnected!

But the fun didn't stop there!  Today Mark brought around his bike and we not only did the air filter but also the plugs and the oil and oil filter too.  Shed fun is nearly as good as riding fun.

DL and Connie wait patiently while another bike gets some loving


  1. Just think how smooth the bike will run since you replaced the filter. You might not have noticed any lag with the dirty one, but might notice more pep with the clean one.

  2. That was pretty dirty. On my Tenere I don't have to disconnect anything, remove two front bolts and pull the tank back while still attached to the bike.

    1. That tears it, gotta get a Tenere...

  3. She looks a little different without her clothes on! I'm sure she'll appreciate the TLC.

    1. As long as she doesn't get used to it - can't be spoiling her now...

  4. I put a K&N in there. I will let it get dirty. I don't think I will ever clean it ever after.