Monday, February 05, 2018

Blast from the past

A little bored tonight.  Then I realised I didn't ride either bike in the weekend (sob), so didn't blog either.  I did however, play around with the Tenere in the shed and I may have been browsing farkle-oriented websites...

Anyway, just so I've got something to blather about - I was looking through a folder o'pics on my laptop and spotted this photo.

I'm not even the photographer but someone else (manning a Grand Challenge checkpoint) nabbed it and I really like it.  You'll notice that the sun wasn't quite up yet so I'd done a reasonable time considering we'd had to ride around East Cape...

It was on my last Grand Challenge (no more Rusty Nuts MC, and yes, I'm still missing a year bar and 10 year mug) and was about 1,500km into the ride.  I picked up the lost ZX-14 pilot just out of Feilding and he followed me up through Taihape and let me chase the rabbits off Fields Track for him on the way to the final checkpoint.  Leaving the checkpoint he knew where he had to go and did a disappearing act - like ZX-14's are capable of...and I hadn't been mucking around either...

Anyway, enough of the reminiscing, tomorrow is a public holiday...


  1. Happy days Andrew! I only did 5 - 1000 milers, plus one Southern Cross round NZ run when there was a 5 day limit. Wouldn't want to do another 1000 miler these days except for an on-going itch to have a crack at it on a postie scooter! With Brett stopping riding, will he still want to organise them?

    Happy Waitangi Day! I'm celebrating by mowing the lawns :-)

    1. Thanks Geoff. I'm still undecided on this year's NI1600 - could end up doing the 800 instead plus the 4 Points. I'm sure the NI1600 will keep going - there are others besides Brett still involved.

  2. Public holiday? - hope you are out riding......while the rest of us are at work.