Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Waitangi Tag

Yes, today was a public holiday so no excuse not to go for a ride eh?  Well, I left it a bit late...

I mucked around all day doing other things and kinda ran out of time to go for a decent blast.  But then I got a notification that there had been a post in the Manawatu Tagorama thread - worth investigating...

Sure enough Phil had been out and about and the tag was only about ten minutes from my place...

Little Yammy

Rather than dragging the Connie out, the Tenere got the job and I also sort of got to try out the new suspension settings I'd been playing with.  Only sort-of as I've hardened things up a bit for a wee trip down South and I couldn't really be bothered loading her up with the kitchen sink and everything else I'll be packing just to test things out...

Bigger Yammy
Tag nabbed I then just had to go in search of a new one, somewhere...What must have been hours (perhaps) later I found a likely candidate and made my way home to see if Owl had beaten me to the punch.

Somewhere near someplace...
He hadn't so now it's time to see who goes out after my tag...


  1. Photo tags are always a good excuse to go for a wee pootle. Unfortunately the thread died on our local forum.

    1. Our one is a little slow these days too. Not many playing and some big time periods between tags. But worth checking the thread out if wanting a little pootle.

  2. I miss photo tags, I may have to start one here.

    1. Nice one. Hope you get a lot of players - makes it a lot more interesting.