Thursday, February 22, 2018

Proper fun

Another quick blog from the road...

Today I met up with Al in Blenheim to tackle the Molesworth again.  He must have been a little keen as he was early!

Our first leg took us up over Taylor's Pass (first time for me).  There had been quite a bit of rain overnight so this first ford had a reasonable amount of fast flowing water in it.

It only took us about 20mins to cross over and onto Acheron Road and 200km of fantastic riding.  I have a lot of pics hiding on my camera and plenty of video for a more detailed post so here we are 200km later.

Nearly in Hamner

Looking back the way we had come
14km later we had dropped down into Hammer for a late lunch.

Did you enjoy that Al?
After my nice sandwich I said goodbye to Al and made my way down to Christchurch.

The TT kicks off tomorrow...


  1. Beware of puddles with currents running through them. Nice fords though.

    1. Thanks for that - managed to find a few more in my travels...

  2. Not too bad a water crossing....always a bunch of fun.