Monday, February 26, 2018

Puddling about

Today the weather was a little bit average (rain and a brisk, cold wind) so I didn't quite do all the riding I had planned.  I still managed to do just over 200km puddling around on the peninsular.

Looking down on Akaroa
Lighthouse road - about as far out as you can go

Up high looking back towards Akaroa

Slightly better weather when I got back into Akaroa
So, hopefully the weather will be a bit better tomorrow as I have a reasonably big day planned to get me to Richmond.  Oh, and my butt hurts....


  1. Gorgeous views from your ride. Color of the water is so pretty.

    Do you need more cushions on the seat of the bike? Or more padding on your butt?

    1. Thanks, better picks when I'm back...

      No, don't need any more padding on my butt but yes, perhaps something on the seat...