Thursday, December 27, 2018

Suzuki Series Round 3

Oh yes, the Cemetery Circuit!

It's been a few years since I last went across to Whanganui but this year I was dead keen.  Christmas Day had absolutely atrocious weather so it was quite a relief to hear that things had cleared up for the racing.

No major stories to tell, but it was a very enjoyable day wandering around and taking a bazillion photos...

One of the first pics of the day and not a bad one eh?
Not sure why they bother with that extra wheel if they're not going to use it...

Kieren from work (VFR400 in Pre 89)


Kieren again on his GSX-450 (F3 bike)

Rich guy spending lots of money on NZ Motorcycle racing - must be a decent bloke!

150 gixxers at it again!



Not often you see one of these used in anger...

Kieren's pits

Lookin good Kieren!
So, another cracker day watching the bikes...and how about a tiny bit of video?

And there's a heap more pics here.


  1. Awesome pics mate. Making me wish I was over there for it.