Saturday, December 08, 2018

Coast to Coast

Today was the annual Woodville Lions Coast to Coast and it's a ride that generally doesn't escape my attention but this year was I wasn't feeling too flash so as I left home I wasn't really sure how much of the ride I'd do.

But anyway, I still wanted that badge so I fuelled up the Tenere and pootled on out to Himatangi.  I wasn't the first out there and there was till plenty of time for others to roll up and fill in all the parking spots in the pictures below.

While waiting it was really good to catch up of Colin W who is still punting his little Weestrom around the countryside and also a couple of the other old BRR Blacktop riders.  I also had a chat to an Aussie Tenere rider who was over here and had joined the ride on a borrowed bike.  He loves his S10 too and has around 115km on it.

By the time of the riders briefing I was still quite surprised at the turnout - it was a primo day but the numbers were definitely down on previous years.

I was up near the front when we left Himatangi and we fair pootled into Foxton before crossing over to Shannon and then riding up to the outskirts of Palmy via Tokomaru and Linton.  Bypassing Palmy, we headed out to Aokautere before turning up over the track.

We had a short stop at the Ballance Bridge to form up all the bikes for the ride into Woodville where we make up a part of their Xmas Parade.  Kids love bikes :)

This was my economy from Palmy-Himatangi-Ballance...


After a quick bite and another chat to Colin and Tim I decided that I wouldn't go out to Akitio and instead wandered around for a little before doing my disappearing act.

My next farkle

Loving the new HP cars...

Not motorcicles

The entire army was in Woodville...

Yep, Rob still likes his H2.

The sticker on the rear cowl says "1430 turbo".  Probably goes alright.
While I still wasn't feeling the most energetic, I did decide that I needed a small gravel fix so after retracing my steps back to Ballance, I located Tararua road and flipped a few stones.

looks like rain...

Another squirt (this time "squirt" is more accurate) over the track and pretty soon I was home parking up the bike and going in search of a cold drink.


  1. Nice one Andrew - cracker weather all right. Did most people behave themselves on this run?

    1. No idea Geoff, I was up front, right behind the marshals. We were riding below the speed limit for the entire ride. Only 1 squid came past us...

      This ride unfortunately does bring out the idiots which is a real shame given the good cause...

  2. Looks like you had some fun despite not feeling well. Those photos are nice on the gravel road. Did you take your DSLR?

  3. Great looking day, already snow over here.

  4. Lovely pics, Andrew. The police tractor looked great ;-)

    1. Yes, the tractor is nice - they should swap over their entire fleet to them...