Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Zumo install #1

Right, time to get my hands dirty...

Annoyingly, though unsurprisingly, the Zumo only came with one motorcycle mount/cradle so that has meant buying an extra one so both bikes can use the flash new toy.  But that's getting ahead of myself - first bike to get the new unit was the Tenere.

The first steps were of course, removing the old Zumo's cradle and fitting the new one to the SW-Motech mount.  No problems there - a handy feature of the SW-Motech mount is that the piece the cradle is bolted to can be removed from the bike.

In place with weather cover fitted
Next up was to attack the wiring harness.  One thing you might notice is that it is hard-wired into the cradle (unlike the old one), not sure if I like this - could be a pain later on if you just want to remove the cradle for some reason.

Looks tidy all coiled up nicely eh?
As it turns out, the harness is a quite a complicated bunch of cables.  There's power (funny that), plugs for line-in, line-out and microphone and even a USB plug.  Somehow all this has to fit in under the Tenere's already crowded fairing panels.

As with the old Zumo, I wanted the GPS to be hot all of the time so that it will remain going when doing things like fueling up on a long distance ride (I want all of that geeky data from the ride that the GPS saves) and also to wire into the Tenere's PC-8 fuse-block instead of directly onto the battery.  This at least meant that I could chop the fuse out of the harness...

PC-8 and plenty of grime...
Anyway, after a bit of experimentation and ensuring that I held my tongue right, I managed to get all the harness bundled up and stashed in the little tool pocket above the PC-8 (PC-8 lives in there too) and was also able to run the USB cable up near the steering head of the bike.  And now I also have a hot all the time USB socket too - bonus.

And look!  It even works!

The photo above exaggerates it a little bit, but you can see that just like the old unit (before mods) the GPS does block the gauges a little bit.  To see the top line (not shown) of data on the LCD you have to duck down a little.  The mod that Dad made for the old Zumo unfortunately doesn't work - I'll have to come up with something else at some stage...

Well, that's one down...


  1. Geez mate your straight into your presents already. Looks big so you shouldnt get lost now.

    1. It's possible that happened a few weeks ago...

      Pretty sure I'll manage to get lost even with it.