Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Zumo install #2

Thanks to E-Bay (cheaper), a second cradle for the Zumo turned up just before Xmas.  So Xmas Eve seemed like the right day to install it on the Connie...

The job turned out a bit easier than on the Tenere but I did have to do some improvising...

After removing the old cradle off the Connie's Projekt D mount I noticed a wee problem.

Crap design!  (Tenere's mount pictured)
The mount is perfectly flat but as you can see the Zumo cradle has a "bulge" at the bottom where the harness is wired in.  Enter Mr Heath Robinson...

To get things to fit up nicely I had to make some spacers.  Rummaging in the shed I stumbled across the old handle-bar weights off the V-Strom.  These had a nice little bit of rubber (with some tube running through the centre) fitted to them.  I ended up chopping the two rubbers (and tube)  up to make the four spacers I needed.  I was then able to reuse the longer bolts out of the old Zumo's mount and Bob's your uncle!

Well, it's on...
It's not that pretty (and the bolts are too long) but it'll work until I think of something else.  One added bonus is that there's even more rubber-mounting - vibes shouldn't worry the GPS much...

Annoyingly, I'll need to order another weather cover...
Next up was the wiring job and on the Connie I have it wired to the battery so had to add a couple of terminals to the harness and then find a place for everything.

In progress, harness went in just where that other bunch of cables are.
And I even ran the USB cable up into the Glove-box.  Could be handy there.

Time for a test.

Snug fit!
And this is pretty close to what I see when pedalling.



  1. Oh my god, you have a glove box 🙈

  2. You mean to say the R1 hasn't got one?

    1. It has a tissue holder though. You know, for those times he bursts into tears when an Aprillia passes him. ;)

    2. Does he have shares in Kleenex?

  3. I've always had Garmins on all our vehicles but when my bike Garmin comes up for replacement, I'll have a think about a TomTom as a couple of my mates have them and have found them to have easy toute programming and have been bullet-proof so far.

    1. I love my Garmins too. The TomTom's appear to be cheaper. Route planning is a piece of cake with Mapsource or Basecamp on the Garmins though.