Monday, June 10, 2019


On Saturday I missed a call from Colin.  Turns out he was having some bluetooth issues...

Three quarters of an hour later I heard a boxer coming up the road and it buttoned off just before my driveway.  A small, vicious brown dog went out to investigate while I looked for some footwear, socks seemed to work...

Yes, there was a GS in the driveway and once the rider had dismounted and got a coffee in him I discovered that we were going for a ride.  It was fairly nice out and I happened to have a silver bike in the shed which sorely needed some exercise so I was all out of excuses...

Leaving Palmy, we rode across to Bulls where some go-juice was purchased before two riders inhaled various pastry covered treats (and some rice bubble cake).  That important job done we were off.

Just for a change we decided a little bit Turakina Valley was in order before making our way across to Hunterville.  The reasonably newly sealed section of Turakina Valley Road was a little interesting on the Connie - a little slide had me pulling my head in a tad.

Riding across to Hunterville was accomplished without any other dramas although being winter there were plenty of slippery bits and some crap on the road.  Nearing Hunterville it got quite a bit cooler and the road was really wet - a shower had obviously just gone through.

A short bit of SH1 got us to Ohingaiti where we turned off onto more wet roads through to Pemberton.  Stopping for a mo, we both admitted that the heated grips had been put into service too.

Nice pile of gravel...
The rest of the loop from Rangiwahia to Ashhurst was more of the same: cooler temperatures, wet and slippery winter roads and even a few spits of rain.  Still, it was nice to get the old girl out and top up her battery.


  1. You may have been kidnapped but count yourself lucky you weren't anal probed. Nice little ride despite the moisture.

    1. Not gonna happen man: