Sunday, June 02, 2019

Mouse lube

Well, one of the inconsiderate things that Yamaha did when designing the WR was to forget to add a shaft drive.  This means that poor old Mighty Mouse has one of those silly chain thingees on it.  And apparently lubing them once in a blue moon is a good idea...

And you can get them in blue!

Enter Ali-express and an el-cheepo manual oiler.  For about $50 you get a nifty little oil reservoir that dumps a small shot of oil down a line onto the chain when you give the top of the oiler a small turn.  It's actually a reasonably ingenious design but we'll have to wait to see how it works.

Mounting it up was fairly easy once I dumped the provided bracket and bent up a new one out of some scrap.  It's blocking the idiot lights a little but I think it should be safe there unless the bike ends up upside down...

The tricky bit was routing the line nicely so it is reasonably well tucked away.  Many cable ties (but no duct tape) were employed.

Notice the extreme cleanliness
The doofery that holds the hose in front of the chain is only cable-tied on too, so it'll be interesting to see how long it lasts on a dirt bike...

No idea how well it will go yet as I filled the reservoir up and a fair bit of oil "primed" the system before I clicked that putting the lid on would stop the flow of oil...

That impressive feat of engineering complete i finished up with adding some seriously important bling - thanks Jenny!

Seriously Mighty!

Even managed to save the IBA sticker

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