Monday, May 04, 2020

Captivity Day 40

40 Days!

Holy crap, no wonder I'm going crazy!

The gloss has well and truly worn off this enforced isolation and it's safe to say it wears you down some. 

Personally, working from home is proving a lot more tiring.  I'm nailed to the desk in front of my laptop and online meetings do seem to require more concentration and wear you out more.  There's also less breaks - at work I have to go have meetings in other rooms/offices and going to get a cuppa involves stairs and a bit of a wander.  At home there's less excuses to get up and go for a wander and after making a drink you find yourself back in front of a screen pretty quickly. 

I really think that it's the decrease in physical activity is the worse.  Sure it would be nice to see the odd other human being but at least technology is helping us communicate fairly effectively.

I really think I need some therapy!


  1. We are a bit luckier here in "The Lucky Country" as I've been riding every day on the pushy but haven't been out on the R1 for about 5 weeks now. I will rectify that this week as our restrictions are easing considerably. I hope your Nanny lets you out soon as you have as few infectious folks as us.

    1. But we've got a whole 1 person in the Manawatu who is recovering...

      I could have taken the bike yesterday (and could take it on errands or to work if that wasn't the same place as where I am right now) but apparently it would have been an at risk activity.

  2. I'm over this too. Can't do anything and your right about work, they are getting more out of us and I'm getting fatter....d'oh.

    1. Just gotta get out of the house for a change eh?