Monday, October 31, 2011

All done!

Yes, I'm back home after completing my 10th Grand Challenge.  I will save most of the story for later but will say that this was a tough ride but in the end I did it very easily - I felt very good for the entire ride (no tired moments) and enjoyed the whole thing.  The route was very challenging (see map) but the Connie was more than up to it and brought me home in 18.5 hours (including stops) - a truly fantastic machine!

This year we were being filmed again so I had to have a little play myself.  Not wanting to have to get on and off and start the camera all the time I decided to go for broke on the East Coast and just let the camera run from Tokomaru Bay right around to Opotiki.  I'm not sure how much video I'll post as the video does get spoiled by the camera fogging, bog splatters and finally darkness but the below might just give you a little taste.

A few pics here and more later...


  1. Yay Andrew!

    Very well done mate and as you say, another challenging route (what GC isn't, haha). Very much looking forward to the write-up. My biggest fear about East Cape would be either stock on the road or stoned/drunk locals in that remote areas.

    Well done again - can't wait to hear more!!

  2. Welldone mate. Certainly looks demanding. Looking forward to hearingmore.