Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday night fail

Tonight I had planned to take the Connie on a bit of a decent run to get some miles under my belt before the GC but things didn't quite going as planned.  Mark had been intending on joining me but he let work get in the way and is suggesting next week as an alternative.

Anyway, I decided that I needed a ride and thought that I'd head out to Ashhurst to do the FNR.  I got out there just before six and settled down to wait for the rest of the mob to join me.  And so I waited...

With nobody showing my 6:15 I decided that I was it and that a quick jaunt would do and rode off through Ashhurst towards the valley.

Before I left I also decided to play with the GoPro and fiddled with it to set it to take pictures at timed intervals rather than video.  The idea was to see what sort of photos it was capable of and then maybe put them into a slideshow.  This is what I got:

It turns out that I should probably read the instructions for the camera - wrong setting!

Anyway, besides the camera fail I had a nice little cruise (although had to battle the low sun for a bit) and surprised the dog by getting home early from an FNR for a change.  Didn't even get to check the new bulbs properly...


  1. lol nice camera work raftnn

  2. I did the same thing on a 200km ride recently Andrew.....I was planning on taking stills over 4 various intervals along the ride....and as a result I pressed the button to "Start" and "stop" the intervals of stills 4 times.....and ended up with 8 photos....

    I'm ready for a ride this weekend and know what setting to put it on this time!

  3. Awww! Well, at least you had a good ride. That's the most important thing :)

    I'll tell you - if i wasn't traveling with "my assistant" on our last trip with the GoPros, I'm pretty sure I would have had the same result.

    Looking forward to your next try in photo-mode...