Sunday, October 02, 2011

Friday night ride

Daylight savings has kicked in and that means that it's time for the Friday night rides to start back up.  The FNR's are a great way to help wind down after five days of work and let off a bit of steam.

This week's ride was just a quick blast over Vinegar Hill and then back via Halcombe.  Leaving Ashhurst were 7 black bikes (including far too many Trumpy's) and a sole red VTR250.  We covered the ground to Cheltenham pretty quickly and were soon out onto Vinegar which is in superb condition and which managed to put smiles onto everyone's faces.

At the regroup we were joined by another black bike (Bogan on his Honda) and yet another Triumph (Barry and Mel on the Daytona).  They'd come from different directions to hook up with the ride and after a bit of a chat on the side of road we turned towards Hunterville for the ride home.

From Hunterville Barry led us out on Rangatira Road to keep us off SH1 and on some more interesting roads.  It was starting to get a little darker by now and with the odd bit of loose metal on the road a bit of caution was called for.

Back on SH1 we waved off Barry & Mel as they headed back home to Wanganui and then turned off to take in Halcombe Road back to Feilding.  It was a really beautiful night out I enjoyed the fairly sensible ride back into Feilding where we all stopped to say our goodbyes and split up for the ride home.


  1. Nice ride Andrew - we'll have to start doing them too.

    Oh and by the way, there's never too many Triumphs :-)

  2. Just be careful who you invite...considering flagging the FNR's due to one maniac that turns up every now and again...

    Don't mind the odd Trumpy but can't have them out numbering the Suzy's. There were a couple of delicious 675's - one that seemed to pull the most beautiful wheelies with absolute ease!