Monday, October 24, 2011

New camera mount

I had the folks here last night to see the AB's claim the cup (phew!) and this morning the old man made me up a  mount for the GoPro.  It's a sturdy bit of ally bolted to the bike via the muffler hanger and has an old ball mount on the end allowing me to mount the camera facing either forwards or backwards.  It has to stick out a fair way to see around the bike but looks ok when the pannier is on.

Seems to work fine and is a lot more sturdy than the suction mount.  I also tried a different back on the camera housing - this one is not waterproof as it has ports cut into it to allow for better audio capture.

No hassling my flash riding gear...


  1. dillligafnz8:07 pm

    Hi, what tyres do you run on your VStrom? I saw one of your youtube vids and noticed you were fair moving on the gravel.

  2. Michelin Anakee 2 on the rear and a Pirelli Scorpion on the front. Both ok until you get into really deep stuff then the old girl breaks loose all over the place.

  3. Andrew:

    I can't get used to you riding on the wrong side, otherwise nice solid location

    Riding the Wet Coast