Friday, October 07, 2011

Xmas time

Well, not quite but I've been wasting investing money again:

First up, a cheap pair of riding pants so that I don't ruin my good Alpine stars while charging around in the dust/mud on the DL.  The brand is RST and they are maybe a little long in the leg but seemed to do the trick on my little squirt last Sunday.  Hopefully it'll be at least 9 months until I need to test their waterproofing...

RST Razor Textile pants
My next purchase was probably even more necessary - a new helmet.  My old Shoei RXR that I use to ride to work in or knocking about town (I have another Shoei XR-1000 as my number one helmet) is just about toast.  I've had it for ages and the lining is starting to break up on me but the fit and everything else is still good - it has done pretty well.

With the arrival of a dual-purpose bike into the stable I decided that maybe I need a helmet designed for that sort of riding.  I also didn't want to spend too much on a helmet that could potentially get knocked around so ended up with an Airoh S4 which seems to fit well although it is a little tricky putting my glasses on.  I haven't used it on the bike yet so have an excuse for a ride...

Airoh S4 - need to remove some stickers eh?

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  1. I had an old Arai Mick Doohan replica and the lining started to crumble and fall apart so i had to throw it out. I then got a new Shoei X-11 Norick. Its a very good helmet