Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day ride

After a very wet Dawn Parade and a nice brekkie Brian, Chris and I set off to dodge the rain and try to get a wee ride in.  Brian and Chris had done the Apiti loop in clockwise direction a few weekends ago and needed to go back around the other way to unwind.

Cruising out of town there was a pretty reasonable breeze blowing but there was also plenty of blue patches in the sky.  Trundling around the loop we took things easy as there were plenty of greasy spots but overall the road was in pretty good condition considering we have had a bit of rain over the last few weeks.

Nearing Apiti the weather stayed pretty good apart from some very light spits but we had to pause for a while as we were missing someone.

Brian and I waited for a bit and then eventually we saw a dim headlight in the distance.  Soon there was noise and this hove onto the scene.

After dishing out some grief we pottered the last 2km into Apiti and I went looking for the war memorial for a photo.  I didn't get the photo as there were a lot of people all getting ready for the Apiti remembrance service.

We rode onto Kimbolton and while Brian waited for someone I went and checked out the Kimbolton Memorial.

Kimbolton is a small rural area so it's pretty sad to see so many names on their memorial - but good to see that they are remembered.

After taking a couple of pics I rode back to meet the guys at the cafe for lunch and while we were there a couple of other riders turned up and so did some light rain. Saddling up for the ride home we made for Cheltenham and by the time we got there it was raining properly and stayed like that for the rest of the wet trip home.

Regardless of the weather it was a nice little ride and after a long dry summer it was a bit of a novelty to be riding in the wet - it took me a while to even remember that raising the screen helps deflect the weather...

More pics here.

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