Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Gotta be blue...

...farkles that is.

Yep, another package from China arrived.  That Mighty Mouse is getting pretty spoilt lately...

This time around it was some cheap levers.  As with the Tenere I thought it might be a good idea to have some spares, so enter the cheapies and the originals will go in the toolkit.

Shorties too
As you can imagine, installation is incredibly complicated - it involved a 10mm socket (those rarest of treasures) and a 10mm spanner!  The brake lever took all of 2mins...

The clutch lever was a little more difficult.  The bark-busters get in the way a bit when trying to feed the cable into the lever, but somehow I managed it.

It's blue too!
I then had bit of fiddle and decided that I probably needed to adjust the levers out a little.  This involved delving into the tool supply to get not 1 but 2, 8mm spanners!

Anyway, mission accomplished, now to test them out in the wild...


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  2. I think I may have one of yours. I have about a dozen 3/8" drive 10mm sockets. Many of them I found back when I worked at a car dealer back in the 70's. Some when the cars were brand new off the truck so the factory must be loosing a lot of 10mm sockets as well...

    BTW, the new levers look pretty good.

    1. Thanks Richard. I could maybe use a spare 10mm, just in case...