Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Farkle Season Part 5

Or should that be: the continued evolution of a long-distance, mile-munching, high performance endurance weapon?

With the prospect of shortly spending quite some time on the WR's seat, thoughts have occasionally and not surprisingly, centred around the lack of anything that really resembles a decent seat and how this may affect my posterior...

Yes, a wad of cash could be thrown at the problem and an aftermarket seat could have been purchased but I'm running out of kidneys, or perhaps just too damn tight...

So, another option has been chosen.

Prior to last year's TT2000 I stumbled across some decent reviews for a product called a Cool Cover.  Colin and I both purchased one and we've been reasonably impressed.

Cool Covers made bike specific ones for both the Tenere and BMW GS and the gist of the idea is that by keeping a bit of air circulating around the cheeks, you keep them cooler and then stay more comfortable.  We are pretty much convinced after several thousand kms of use and another benefit is that they also help keep you dryer in wet conditions.  Very happy with our purchases.

So, after looking at $400+ seats and various other options, I decided to check out Cool Covers.  Unfortunately, but perhaps not surprisingly, they do not do a custom cover for the WR.  But guess what?  There are generic knock-offs available from E-Bay/China.

And so, US$19 later, I'm in business.

As you can tell, installation was hellishly tricky, but it's on 😏.  The only grip is that the WR's seat is so narrow that the velcro fasteners under the seat overlap so much that there is actually not a lot of velcro mating going on.  Hopefully it'll stay put...and work!

And in other news: knobblies don't last or like being pushed on tarmac...

May have to do something about that...


  1. Fark.....le me. How are you not broke yet?

    1. I'm getting there...

    2. My brother once told me motorcycles will keep me broke and penniless. I've achieved that surely you're already there?