Monday, January 06, 2020

2019 Highlights

Wow, we're 6 days into the New Year as I write this and I've only been on two rides so far.  Perhaps I should have made some sort of New Years resolution about riding...

So, it's time to do my yearly highlights reel.  It looks like I did better distance wise than last year but still feel I could have done better:
Super Tenere: just over 10,000km
Concours: approx 5,500km
Mighty Mouse: perhaps 1,200km

Early on in the year I got my first gravel fix and spent a bit of time puttering around in the shed.  At least the Connie got out for a wee ride too.


February was a big month with plenty of riding including completing my ninth TT2000 and having a great blast around the South Island again.  And then, a major development - a mouse in the house!



March's blogs seemed to be mostly catching up on the TT trip but Mighty Mouse was introduced and then climbed up a wee hill.


In April the Aussie's invaded and Colin and I spent the morning showing them around.  Farkles were bought and the Mouse got dirty.


In May it looks like the poor old Connie got a bit of a rest but both the Yammies got out and about.  The Tenere seemed to spend a fair bit of it's time up the Mangamahu Valley while the WR discovered the Maungatuk's and slippery clay.


In June the Tenere did get an outing but the Connie got in not one but two rides and the WR got to tackle it's first Trail ride.


July was a slow month but the Tenere had a wee scoot and the FRDC MC had it's first ride - which reminds me, it's time to organise another one...


If July was a bit slow then August was dead.  just the one post and it was around mouse farkling rather than riding - very poor form!  At least the farkle has definitely been put to the test now...


In September both the Tenere and the Connie got some suspension servicing, the FRDC MC were out again and the WR tackled another even harder Trail ride.


When October came around the Tenere got parked up and the Connie got out for it's first NI800.  I'm also entered in the 2019 NI1600 and must complete it before this years one so look out for that at some stage.  It then got a wee bit more exercise and the month finished up with the little bike playing in the sunshine.


November was a busy month farkling the WR but the Connie racked up another 1000km and the big Ten got out more than once.

My wallpaper at work...

The year ended in a bang - or perhaps a splurg of farkling - the WR is nearly ready for a big adventure at then of January...The Connie did some of the Coast to Coast and Colin and I managed to sneak in a few more gravel rides around Xmas and New Years.

Well, that's about it for 2019 but the New Year has already kicked off with a bang - two rides in 4 days - and there is plenty more planned for the next 3 months at least.  I can't wait to get out there and do it!

Be safe out there and just:


  1. Well when you put it like that yes it was a big year. I've even got one ride in.

  2. Wow, your distance on the Concours has dropped since you've had adventure bikes. Mind you, you have some fantastic gravel roads down your way!

    1. Well, the Connie also misses out on the TT now that there are Adv checkpoints (and add a nice extra challenge to the ride) and I guess Adv riding is the new and exciting past-time.

      The Connie does need to go on a little ride soon to celebrate a significant milestone...