Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let there be light V2

For a while now I've been running uprated bulbs in the Connie.  First up I tried some Navra +50's which were ok but did not last.  Next up was some Phillips X-Treme vision +80's and these have proved very good.

The +80's are probably still more fragile than the original bulbs (I reckon I get about 20,000km out of them) and I've burned through 3 +80 bulbs so far.  They also offer very good illumination - I reckon on a straight piece of road they're picking up fluorescent signposts at out to 800m.  Until tonight the bike has been running one original bulb (due to bulb #3 blowing) and one +80 but I had a set of the new Phillips +100's sitting on the bench waiting for the GC.

 And so with the GC nearing I stuck the bulbs in tonight...

LHS easier to get at than the right.

So tomorrow night I may just have to give them a wee test...

BTW: all the bulbs I've tried are the same wattage as the originals and the manufacturers claim no extra heat so there should not be any concerns about melting headlight surrounds...

PS: I get my bulbs from Powerbulbs in the UK, far cheaper than sourcing locally and with free worldwide delivery.  Delivery is generally within 7 days.

PPS: Mark is running some Osram Night Breaker +90's in his Bandit and they seem to be doing the job nicely for him.


  1. I dont actually do a lot of night riding...yet. The sprints lights are crap I must admit, high beam is almost non exsitant. THe BMW although smaller is far better. May have to look at doing some thing in the furtur though.

  2. Andrew
    I fitted Nighbreakers for last years' GC and they were excellent. I buy my bulbs from the UK too (Autobulbs Direct) and they're currently advertising +120's :

    BTW, all the best for this year. Let's hope no repats of last year!

  3. Thanks Geoff

    Hmmmmmm, so if the +100's don't burn the retina's out of the other traffic I'll have to try the 120's...