Sunday, March 15, 2020

When Willie S rode a WR...

You have some weird conversations on facebook sometimes...
Shall I ride the WR this fine summer’s day?
For it is small and its horsepower merely adequate,
When there are other bikes available to ride this day
And worst of all I could be seen off by a mate.

Through bogs and up hills it must climb,
Deep gravel and deeper ruts must be skimmed;
Its merry little heart will be called upon to chime.
Through blackberry and gorse left untrimmed.

But of course the rider’s smile shall not fade,
With faith in his steed and good rubber to trust;
He will cross streams and charge up the grade,
Safe that his decision was most certainly just.

So long as there is fuel in the little banshee
The mighty little 250 is the bike for me.


  1. Taken up smoking...?
    Not bad though. ;)

    1. Nope, I blame a couple of other WR riding idiots. I'll give them a serve on Saturday...while riding the WR of course...