Friday, March 10, 2017

TT2000 Write-up - Day 2

Thursday was to be a short riding day, just under 200km to Christchurch and the plan was to take it easy and then rest up prior to the TT.

I left Kaikoura just before ten and made my way down the only recently reopened SH1. Once again I was keen to check out the road damage – videos of the Hunderlees taken just after the earthquake had shown massive damage.

Just South of Kaikoura the traffic was stopped for a bit as there were guys working up on a cliff face and I guess they didn’t want us to be squished if they knocked down any rocks.

Hitting the Hunderlees, I was surprised at how good they were. Once again the road crews had obviously been busy and were still working on some sections. The roads were quiet too with very little traffic, although there was still a radar presence to look out for…

In Cheviot I decided to stop for brekkie and spent twenty minutes or so sitting out by the roadside while I topped up my tank. It was getting warmer too – I had to move from my table in the sun to one under an umbrella.

The rest of the trip into Christchurch was fairly boring – just a slow trip down SH1 into busy Christchurch. I ended up arriving at the Top Ten a little early but luckily my room was ready so I parked up early and cranked up the air con…


  1. I knew it, not a seal to be seen along the Kaikoura coast line, those slow bastards were lying to me about the seals, just because they couldn't keep up with me.
    Cranked up the air con eh, what was it 26°C lol.

    Come on man hurry up with the TT posts, you've been home for days whats the hold up?

    1. I saw a seal!

      It was hot I tell ya! Yeah, yeah, posts are on their way...

  2. Nice when there is little traffic on the paved roads. Your posts always make me think we need to get out soon as our weather turns.