Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Captivity Day 13

So it appears that I'm not the only Kiwi bike rider who is missing getting out and riding.  

A while ago in the NZ section of Adv Rider I posted a video of a kid riding around a course setup at home on his neat little electric trials bike.  And then I went and had my little play on Sunday.  

This has inspired Oldbeer to setup a challenge to other Kiwi riders.  There's just a few so far but hopefully we'll see a few more.  Could get interesting/funny...


  1. Thank god we haven’t gone that hard mate. We can still go for a ride, be it moto or MTB as long as we keep it to a group of 2. Seems to be working but then we have a shiteload of room in Oz to social distance.
    Stay sane there mate. How much longer in the pen for you guys?

    1. Another two weeks at this stage...

      We can go for push bike rides for exercise (as long as we stay local) but only mad sods do that...