Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14/29 Rain day

Yeah, great summer we're having...

No riding today so I've delved into the archives (might just be a couple of related posts I think).  Here's a bit of my early riding history for ya.  The first pic is me sitting by the old man's old Kwaka two-stroke - believe it or not I actually was run to kindy sitting on the petrol tank a few times...

Gimme a ride Dad!
Next up is a few years later playing around at the river on Dad's Suzy A50.  Note the fantastic safety equipment...

Yes, I am cool!
And lastly, here I am on the first bike I owned - a mighty TS185ER.  I bought this (with seized engine) for $120 and Dad got it going in no time.  No kick starter (broken, not enough pocket money) so first up - learn to crash-start.

Helmet on this time!


  1. Great old shots.

    It is nice to see when folks put up pictures from back in the day. Looks like you were having a great time in each photo.

  2. Ah, memory lane. Your pics all made me smile.

  3. Its great looking at old pictures. You were lucky you got to ride as a kid, my mom never would have allowed it or even thought about it. Great looking old bikes. Good thing though that your gear safety leve has risen though!

  4. You're a lucky guy, getting at riding that young of age. The lack of ATGATT is worrisome but I guess we all have been there and learned our lesson. Thanks for posting those treasures.