Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The bad influence

So here's a few scans of some ancient negatives featuring a certain someone who is responsible for me getting into bikes:

He is still a hooligan although currently bikeless but always mentions that he has a shed available to store the Connie for me...He was also admiring the new pipes on the Vee the other day and also said that he wouldn't mind taking it off my hands when I'm finished with it...

I think he needs a new bike!


  1. Cool, more older pics. You know when someone offers their garage for bike storage you need to leave the keys with them, yeah?

    Sounds like he needs a bike then you two can ride together.

  2. Andrew - love the older pics. Popping a wheelie! I have almost done one - unitentionally though......

    1. Intentional ones are a bit more fun...

  3. Love the wheelie shot!

    "I think he needs a new bike!"

    I think you're right :)

  4. New bike = riding buddy. Great pics. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Hey BanditRiders,
    I chose this post for my #29in29 Week 3 Favorites list!