Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting Ready

Heading South for the TT2000 next week so before I go the poor old Connie needed some loving...

First up was a job I hadn't done myself before - an air filter change.  Luckily Brian had done his one the previous week (I wonder why) so he popped in to give me a bit of advice.  First up a few clothes needed to come off so we could find the filter:

All sorts of interesting stuff under the clothes
The filters hidey-hole
Then it was time to whip the old filter out:

Yep, it's been working
Spot the difference
New filter in it was time to see if I remembered who it all went back together.  Well, actually the whole job was a lot easier than I thought it would be - no worries!

Following the air filter change it was time to drop the oil out of both ends and change the oil filter too:

Nice clean oil for the donk
New oil for the final drive too
Then it was time for a lunch break before getting the hose and soapy water out and into action.  She may even get a polish before I go...

And one last touch:
Ready for her 2nd TT!


  1. Your Connie is probably very happy to have a new filter & oil change. Bikes always need a little bike TLC.

  2. That was one dirty air filter. Your bike will run a little better now even if it isn't noticeable while riding. And a bath too. It's going to be race ready.

  3. A bath and some TLC. Your bike will show you its appreciation during your trip.