Sunday, February 12, 2012

New 'nakite

I had an important mission today - to go and meet my newest niece, Rosanna Marlene who was born on Tuesday last week.  Both Mum and Bub were home so off I went.

To make a change I took the V-Strom (actually I'm trying to save the Connie's tyres for the TT2000) and set off at about 9am.  It was a pretty nice day and sunglasses were the order of the day as pretty much main-roaded it until just South of Hawera where I took in a couple of back roads that take you East of Hawera through Tahwhiti before popping back out at Normanby.

Birch Park (North of Wanganui)
From Normanby it's just 30km or so until the turn-off up to Ratapiko and the farm.  I arrived just before lunch and had a quick look at the sleeping baby before catching up with her older brothers and the rest of the family. Later on Rosanna made an appearance and here she is with her Dad and oldest brother Billy (younger bro's turn for some shut-eye).

Billy has grown up a bit from when this photo was taken:

Anyway, nice to meet the newest niece and see everyone else but I eventually had turn the bike around and head home.  Another quiet pootle home boringly following exactly the same route and that was my day!


  1. The babe is a cutie, but so is the nephew.

  2. Awww, so cute. And a top case is a good place to store kids. In the US you would probably have some warning stickers re. kids and pets on your storage compartments ;-)

  3. No trip is a boring trip if you are are making me homesick with the photos! lol I am thinking about getting a Vstrom if a friend is still going to sell it to me. And if we can lower it enough for my short legs! Do you like the vstrom for road trips?

    1. Checkout the Stromtrooper forum:

      There is heaps of info on there and I think a lot of people lower them. Mine's the 1,000 but I have ridden the 650 and it is a fantastic bike - I nearly bought one but believe it or not I got better bang for my buck on the 1,000. The 650's also don't use any petrol. Both bikes are apparently bullet proof too.

      People tour two-up on both models and rave about them. I haven't done any big trips on mine as I have my Connie for that sort of thing but I the riding position is nice and comfy. Very easy bike to ride too.

      Lots of V-stroms in NZ - perfect bike for our back roads!