Sunday, February 05, 2012

Apiti Loop

Ok, so instead of a boring picture of a new farkle or something I decided to take the Connie out for a quick scoot around the Apiti Loop.

View Apiti Loop in a larger map

And instead of just one photo for the day you get 568!  Warning, the first picture could be disturbing to some viewers!  Also, bridge lovers keep a sharp eye out - I think there's at least 3 or 4 captured for your viewing pleasure!  And yes, that is yet another mounting position...

The loop was in pretty good nick although still perhaps the odd bit of loose metal on sections of relatively newly sealed road.  No animals to avoid and very close to no traffic!  A very nice little 140km jaunt!


  1. Looks like some great roads.

    But I have to ask where the camera was attached. Was it on the handlebars by the mirror stem? I'm trying to figure out the angle.

    1. All will be some stage ;)

  2. Andrew looks like you had a nice ride today. It was gorgeous here and everyone was out on the road today. Interested to see how you mounted the camera?

  3. You always have the best music for your videos! Looks like a great day out...and that first pic wasn't as frightening as expected. :)