Friday, February 10, 2012

Takapari Road Part Three

Part Three?  Well, Tuesday night's adventure has certainly given me some fodder for the 29in29 Blog Challenge!

Here's a couple more pics:

Bottom of the track trying to fix a headlight
And below Al's pic from the A-frame Hut - where we would have stopped and turned back if we had pressed on from Graeme's Hill.  It gives a bit of an idea on what the conditions were like up there - although I reckon it must have cleared up a bit when this pic was taken...

A-frame Hut
It's a real shame the weather didn't play ball.  I'm sure that we may have had less incidents and the views from the top are spectacular!


  1. At least everyone can tell how reflective their gear is by looking at that first pic.

    It sure looks cold in the mist/fog in that second picture..

    1. Actually not cold at all. And even though I hate fog with a vengeance, this warm misty fog was much better than a freezing middle of winter fog!

  2. Still young enough that you think this kind of thing is fun, eh? :)