Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bye-bye South Island

Yes, as I type this we have just boarded the ferry for trip back home across the straights. We have had a leisurely ride up SH1 this morning stopping just twice: once for fuel and again in Kaikoura for a nice cooked brekkie.

So in just 3-4 hours we'll be back in the North Island and a great biking holiday will be over. I've had a great time and am already looking forward to my next trip South - probably next year for the Southern Cross unless I can somehow wangle another one in before then...

More posts on a great trip to come...


  1. Hope it was smooth sailing on the ferry.

    Hooray for multi-day bike trips.

    1. Not exactly smooth - I got a bit green so spent most of the crossing outside in the cool breeze.

      Multi-day bike trips are the schizzle!

  2. More pics please, sounds like a fantastic trip. I cant get enough pics of NZ, pure magic.