Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ok, so post 19 unfortunately contains no motorcycles but I did actually do something interesting today.  Brian, Linda and I popped down to Wellington to check out the Weta Cave where the Weta special effects team show off some of their work.

Look who's guarding the door
Still looking for something...
The place is really just a display piece for all the movie memorabilia you can but off them.  All the stuff on display is fantastically made and you can spend several thousand dollars on some pieces.  They also show a little DVD on the history of Weta and all the movies that they have been involved in which is pretty cool - it looks like everyone who works for Weta has their dream job which must be pretty cool.

Anyway I couldn't really go away empty handed so picked up a little something:

Copper weta
Bike related post tomorrow...

A couple more pics here.


  1. The copper weta is pretty cool, but your dogs eyes reflecting blue is even cooler, lol.

  2. Note to self: need to visit this place. I am a movie buff, and always interested in these kinds of memorabilia, locations etc.

    1. Hopefully they'll have a bigger place then. They must have a lot of very cool stuff hidden away...

  3. I love the copper Weta shot!