Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 of 29

Wow, the last day of the 29 in 29 challenge!  I guess I've been pretty lucky during this challenge as it's been summer (sort of) here and I've had plenty of riding (especially in the last week or so) to blog about whereas a lot of my fellow bloggers have been having to deal with wintry conditions and little riding - bummer.

Anyway, for this last post I've put together another little slideshow from some GoPro pictures I took heading back out from Mount Cook on Day Two of the TT2000.  It's a shame that the camera was not on when we rode in as that would have given even better views of the lake and the mountains but we were on a mission so no stopping to put cameras on - I had to wait until we stopped for a decent reason, like a check point.

The camera was actually left on until the battery ran out so I got a lot of piccys of other places too but unfortunately it had fogged up and the pictures are very average...

Anyway, over the next wee while (or not so wee) I'll try and do a decent write-up of the whole holiday but in the meantime here's the rest of my pics.


  1. Of course you are the first to finish the challenge being down under and all. Thanks for sharing your trip. It must have been a heck of a ride!

  2. Great slideshow. It is neat the way the go pro takes pictures like that.

    Awesome pictures in the Picasa Album too. Looking forward to the in depth write ups.